Sunday, April 18, 2010

This week (Apr 12)

Richard started his letter this week with some answers to some questions we asked earlier:

*Whew* hello all! They gave us a questionnaire this week, so I have even less time than usual... so to answer your questions:

  • We're not making plans for the phone calls on Mother's Day yet, but it will probably be after 1PM
  • Mission Home will call me, or will forward them to me.(the pants) (Note that we sent him a few pairs of pants to replace some that were wearing out)
  • I'm OK with shirts
  • Most of the Spanish people are impressed with what we understand from the amount of time we've studied.
  • I'm pretty sure that I'm losing weight with the biking.

     I'm sorry that I can't add much more to my weekly email, but here's some of what's going on.

     This has been a better week than the past couple of weeks though it has been more wet. We have been blessed with many new investigators this week that show a lot of promise of progression. We will work hard and do our part to teach by the spirit and help them know of the truths we bring. We had a lesson planed with Sara Perez who has a baptismal date, but she was called into work last minute and our appointment canceled. We have another lesson with her this week, and we hope to help her come to know all of the wonderful truths and blessings that this Gospel brings us. This week has also had a great share of cancelations of our appointments, but we've strived to make strong commitments to our lesson times this week, and have a lot of teaching planned. We will be working very hard to accomplish the Lord's work here in Sonoma.

     Here's some more of the investigators that we're working with at the moment: Juan and Clara Saabedra, Velia and Armando, Mike Guzman, and Moises and Berta and their two kids Teresa and Francisco.  The Saabedra family is really great, and hardworking, though very busy. Our hardest step is setting good appointments where we will definitely find them at home and getting them to church. They are worried about their squirmy 1yr old girl will cause too much of a ruckus. We hope help them realize that it'll help their girl calm down as she sees the example that her parents set for her by going to church. Velia and Armando have overcome their doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet, but they still have small blocks of doubt that we're helping them to overcome through study and prayer. We hope to help them come and be baptized soon. They'll be ready as they feel the spirit confirming our words. Mike Guzman has been progressing rapidly, but he has gotten more work and his schedule is now more crazy than it was before. So now we're going to have to figure out some time that we can get in and teach him, and commit him to baptism. He's ready. The Gutierrez family (Moises and Berta & Co.) was feeling sick, and canceled our last appoinment, but we're meeting with them today, and are excited to teach them. They have a strong family, and we hope to invite them all to baptism. The only problem that hangs in the horizon with them is that Moises smokes and drinks. We will be teaching them the Word of wisdom soon.

     I'm growing as I'm learning where I can apply myself, to grow as a tool and servant of the Lord, and it amazes me how much we really can change. If we are willing and open to it.

     I love the mission and I look forward to helping these my brethren to see the light,

     Your Missionary,

     Elder Mackelprang

     PS Elder Balagna is out and we're getting a new missionary! more next week.

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