Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Year Progresses

<<Editors Note: Some Pictures From A Recent Zone Conference – these are thanks to Sis. Bunker (Elder Mackelprang’s Mission Mom)>>

ZoneConfJan10-2010-DSC_0146 Elder Mackelprang
ZoneConfJan10-2010-1-DSC_0146 Elder Mackelprang’s Zone.
ZoneConfJan10-2010-2-DSC_0146 Rohnert Park District.

Hello Y'all!

This week has been a great improvement to last weeks misadventures. :) I can definitely see the Lord's hand in the work more from last week where we pressed on, and did our best to keep things moving. From the various missionary meetings we've had, I've learned a lot of new things. They're experimenting something new now with our mission. They've given us a new set of cards and have authorized ALL the missionaries to go onto and become familiar with it so that we can talk to people on the street about it, and invite them to go check it out. I think that it's a great idea to help people realize that we're not just some small non-Christian cult like Anti-Mormon people claim. We're a world-wide Christian church that promotes Christian values and way of life. Sure all of us have our short-comings and pitfalls, but that is our journey. To overcome, and grow from our weaknesses, and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, I was teaching the Gospel Principles lesson, and we talked about how God has planned out our lives in a way where we still have our choice, but we can learn from each of those experiences and become more like Him, and His Son. I reflected, and I felt a confirmation by the Spirit, of God's love for me, and all of the many wonderful friends, neighbors, and teachers that I have had, they were all part of the blessings and plan that He has given me. I haven't been perfect. Not by a long shot, but I know that I can move forward knowing that I'm a child of God, and that He loves me, and that I'm helping Him with His work. To share this knowledge of  His love with my Brothers and Sisters here in California. People may hate me for it, they may scream at me, and say unkind words, maybe even want to hurt me. But I know that if they knew what I know, their lives would change. I love this work, and I'm grateful to be a missionary.

I'm sorry that there's so little this week, but I promise there'll be more this next week. I hope you are all well, I love y'all! Have fun out there!

Elder Mackelprang

Happy New Years!

Hello all!

This weeks has been one of the most humbling in my mission. Lots of rain (even more than usual) and being back on bike and car due to lack of miles has really hit Elder Brickey and me hard. It's definitely a good help to my exercise program, but Elder Brickey has already been cursed with two blow-outs on his inner-tube. So I hope that we don't have to utilize the bikes as much. However, with the New Year, came many new lessons and blessings as our hard work and diligence has finally started to pay off. After a long break of finding no new investigators we now have several really good looking prospects, we have finally been able to contact people that we haven't been able to find in awhile, and I'm re-learning again the magical difference it is to have Members accompany us to lessons. It really is an almost night-and-day difference hearing a member testifying and teaching to an investigator about how they've come to know that these things are true. I testify to you that if you want to see miracles happen where you live, volunteer to go out with the missionaries, and you'll see the blessings flow.

It's been a weird thought to think that Leah is just across the mountain from me now. She's at BYU-Idaho, which I personally don't care for as a school, but I'm sure she'll have great times, and experiences there. Good Luck, Leah!

I know it's probably hard for Mom to lose another one out into the world. She'll be back though! She's still going to serve a mission! :) I can't imagine the house without my little crazy, noisy, musical, insanely psycho sister to bring life and laughter into the house. It would be way too quiet. Quiet is good every once in awhile, but there is such a thing as too much of it. :P

It's been very weird to contemplate that I'm actually coming home _this_ year... I feel like haven't been out here all that long, and that I'm just getting into the swing of things. But then there's days where I'm ready for that day to come. I love the work, I love the people, but some days where everything goes wrong, and no one's there tries anyone's patience.

I love you all, and I'm sorry that there's not a whole lot to write about this week, but I'll tell you some of the stories of the miracles that I know will happen this week! The Church is true! The Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ, and those of you who only believe that, should kneel in prayer, and ask God, and I know that He will answer you. Because He loves YOU!

Your missionary,

Elder Mackelprang

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