Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Heat…


I'm sorry about the bad haircut. I'm not so proud to say that I did myself, but it was my first attempt with just hand scissors. Another lesson learned.

But the good news is that we'll be having another 2 Zone conferences this transfer! That will be awesome, and it'll mean more pictures for you until I get the SD card converter, or I fill up the SD card.

Things are changing out here in the mission, and now is the best time to serve! It'll be interesting since Devin and Rachel, Katherine, Ben and all of the others that leave to serve missions soon will be learning a completely different curriculum than when I was at the MTC just 8 months ago. It's truly amazing to see how the small changes have affected our mission, and now we're moving to the changes on how we teach. Which are even more focused on on the spot inspiration.

I had an experience with this method of teaching this week, and it was the most spiritually powerful lesson that I've ever been apart of. It should have ended with me inviting the investigator to baptism... but I'm still working on inviting everyone to be baptized in every lesson. This is how missionary work is meant to be! This is what makes missionary work worthwhile and even fun! Yeah, it's still work and it can be hard, and you don't always have success. But it takes what we have, and it moves it all to the next level!

I'm quickly coming up to my 1 year mark... it scares me how fast time has flown already. It seems like yesterday I was in the MTC, and the day before that that I was in Arizona visiting with family... I'm definitely going to make the best use of the time I have left to share what I can with everyone!

Another Big thing that happened this week: We have an investigator with a baptismal date! Lucio Mendez! We've only met with him twice, but he's felt the spirit, and he's committed to finding out the truth for himself, and to prepare to be baptized by Aug 21. We're really excited, and I know it wouldn't have happened if we haven't started to ramp up how we do things out here. He will find happiness, and we will have joy with him as does. I love being out on a mission!!! It's an amazing experience!

I love you all and I hope that everything goes well for you, and that God may be with you.

I know that this church is Christ's restored church on the Earth. I know that He has called a modern-day prophet to lead and guide us. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and can bring us closer to God if we will just read it's pages.

Your missionary,

Elder Mackelprang

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