Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Easter Surprise!!

Hey I'm at a new address. I got transferred. To Vallejo!

Things are good. I'm alive.

From DAD's email:

Go Ben! Woot! I'm sure he's loving his Japanese.

Happy Easter! I hope that everyone enjoyed it!

That's sad that the rainstorm killed your campout... I'm sure that the kids still had fun in the tent in the living room though.

:P I hope that Leah's letter is still there (BYUI) waiting for her. I sent it almost 2 weeks ago. Good luck at Provo!

Thanks for the help Dad. I'll find a job. Can you see if the Best Buy near our house is hiring? I'm still going to try to work for the Geek Squad, that would be fun.

The music at church went great! Still not as good as the Cary 2nd choir, but it was reminiscent. :) It's too bad I couldn't hear our choir sing it.

There is nothing to do in Dixon on a PDay. Absolutely nada. The other missionaries are too far out to want to do anything with us, so we're stuck with cleaning, drawing, and writing letters. I don't know what there is to do here in Vallejo, now that I'm here, but I'll get to know more as we move along.

We just went to the temple a few weeks ago. I forgot to mention it in my letter. since I'm in a new area that actually works for sending pictures I'll send pictures I took there in a moment.

We have an All-mission conference in about 2 weeks. The rumor is that Elder Neil L. Andersen of the quorum of the 12 apostles will be meeting with us. That should be interesting. I was in the Woodland zone in Dixon, and now I'm in the Vallejo zone, back in a Spanish branch with my people. Vallejo is supposed to be the ghetto of the mission. Lots of gangs, gangsters, and crime. Ironically, all the missionaries want to come here. :) Everything looks good so far.

From MOM's email:

Hey Mom! I did get your letter! I loved it, but surprise! I got transferred, so I may be behind some of those letters that just got sent :( I got letters from Grandma Johnson, Aunt Marsha, Robert, and Andrew, and a package from Kayla :). I don't know if there is more coming, but I left plenty of notes asking the new Elders in Dixon to forward my mail to me.

I think I already sent Kenny's letter to him, hopefully it got there before he moved, I don't know if I sent it to his new address. That's funny about losing your voice! Wow... We could have sung in harmony! :P I heard in Grandma's letter about Leah being asked out. It'd be great to hear how that went from her words. :)

Happy Birthday Sis Everett!! May it be a happy one! I don't have as much time to write today because of transfers, but I'll still be a writing machine!

Thanks for all of your love and support.

Elder Mackelprang

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