Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer is Here! Father's Day Approaches...


I’m proud of my family doing missionary work! Yeah! I hope that the dinner with the missionaries and their investigator goes well. Those lessons taught in Members homes can be some of the strongest lessons and teaching opportunities that you can find. That is from personal experience. It's a great thing.

Josh and EOGs. I think it's ridiculous to have classes 3 weeks after the tests are over. What's the point? It just doesn't make sense.

Jenna is Jenna, our prolific reader. :)  I hope she’s enjoying having some more time to read.  She probably has some good books for me to take on when I get back.

Happy Early Birthday Mom! Have a great one!  :)

Do I get to use some of the iTunes gift card when I get back? I'll have to listen the new Cars Cd sometime.

As Matthew Watkins would always say, "Leah Maria make me-a tortilla!" Leah's coming home this week. Awesome. We'll see how everyone adjusts to her being home. 


  • The Baptism was awesome! :) My comp Elder Glaus, baptized the "recent convert" and I baptized the younger brother, the "child of record." This song is actually the 4th time we sung in consecutive weeks at baptisms. 3 being Spanish, 2 being ours. :-D  I do have a great singing companion and we do some great things to harmonize and our voices blend very nicely together. It's reminiscent of the PriestQuorumQuintet days. I looking forward to singing when I get back. If Joshua's voice is deep enough I'll start teaching him bass. He'll thank me later for it. ;-) We've been singing in Spanish as well, so it's been very cool. We sang "Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy" = "Brillan Rayos de Clamencia" 
  • My clothes are doing fine. When there are small rips and tears I sew them up and they're good as new. I've become quite good at sewing things. :P The bike is doing well, but I lent it to another missionary because his bike got stolen. (he just got transferred, so I have it back.) I'm thinking that I may just try to sell the bike to another missionary before I come home... I'll let you know if I need anything.
  • We don't have any miraculous tracting or contacting stories, but we have met some pretty amazing people who have overcome drug addictions here, but coming to Jesus in their various faiths. Those were some very interesting conversations.
  • Dinners are 99% with Hispanic families, but every once in awhile we'll eat with some Gringos, mostly that always know Spanish. Go figure. We have some amazing members, but I would take another hour talking about them all. We get dinners pretty much every night, most of the Latino wards are good about that except for my first area (being a greenie in Santa Rosa) which looking back is understandable because there were six of us missionaries.
  • I’m getting along fine with my expired drivers License. Just not doing the driving now. 

I know my time is far spent.  :) I'll get my rocket boosters going. Turning on the jets and getting some more work done. I do need to turn up the heat, even though I'm seeing that we're already accomplishing a *lot*. I'm moving forward, and will be excited to make miracles happen here in Vallejo.


  • I’m looking forward to the package you sent! Yay! Oooooo, tape recording! It'll be nice to hear your voices again.
  • Moe Joe's burgers sounds great! The Inferno Burger sounds like a worthy challenge. Grilled Jalapenos are worse than regular ones. It all has to do with the oils.
  • Devin Romney, Congrats on your mission call. Tempe, Arizona. That's where I was born! Spanish culture is something you'll never forget.
  • I actually enjoy cooking. There are some days where I really don't want to bother with it, but that's life. I can cook just about anything, recipe or no.
  • Good luck with the health conscious change. I dunno if I can give up on your fabulous homemade bread though Mom. It's not worth giving up.
  • Father's Day is here! That's pretty wild! It's just another reminder that home is around the corner...
  • Singing has been awesome. Everyone just loves it. see Dad's email for more details.
  • Don't die up there at Girl's camp Mom! :) I'm not worried, you can handle it, you raised us 4 kids! Ha! :-D

Things have been going well here! I'm loving life, and working hard. I'll make these last few months the best. :) It'll be nice to have some mail this week. I love you all!

Love your son and missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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