Friday, January 22, 2010

Transfer to Sonoma

     We didn’t receive any email from Elder Mackelprang this week, so we assumed it was either because of the holiday last Monday or because of a transfer.  It turns out to be the latter.  Here’s an email we received from Sis. Smith from Sonoma who fed Richard and some other missionaries last night:


Hi Parents,

     My name is Amber Smith and I'm a member of the church here in Sonoma. Your son just had dinner with us in our home tonight.  I thought I 'd email you as he didn't  know if you knew that he had been transferred here.  We're a small town tucked away in a beautiful valley with vineyards all around us.  It looks just like Tuscany.

     We enjoyed having your son over , as well as the other 3 missionaries.  It's a joy to feed them, a pleasure and an honor as we have had 3 boys go out on missions and I would wish someone would do the favor for them. He seems very pleasant and content to be on a mission.  Maybe a little homesick, especially when I told him that I was born and raised in Arizona.  He began to open up about where you both came from and wanted me to email you to see if we knew each other.  I doubt it, as I'm about 7 or 8 years older, but you may know my relatives.(younger cousins)  I was raised visiting Fredonia every summer with my Aunt Tezza and Uncle Dwayne Judd. They have a daughter, Charlyn Linton that still lives in Kanab with her husband and family.  He's a chiropractor, I believe.  Our family is huge, as my Dad came from 13.  We have close to a thousand relatives from my Grandparents, Logan and Mary(Hatch) Brimhall.  My Dad, Vaughn, was raised in Taylor and I guess one of you were raised in Woodruff.  We drive by the turn off to Woodruff every year when we drive from Winslow (where my Mom lives and I was raised) to our ranch in Pinedale, by Snowflake.(with a beautiful temple)  Small world.

     The ward here is good about feeding the missionaries regularly.  Our sons went to countries that  didn't do that much, but they survived and have been so blessed because of their service, as well as us. We had 6 kids and still have one at home. Soon to leave and go to cosmetology school in Provo this summer with a friend that is taking the missionary lessons.

     If you have any questions or anything, let me know.  I'll let your son know that I emailed you.

     Take Care,

     Amber Brimhall Smith


     Sonoma is about 25 miles away from Santa Rosa (Richard’s last area).  You can see the location on the map on the blog page.  Thank you SIs. Smith for feeding our son!

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