Tuesday, May 25, 2010

P-day and Transfers?

100_1077 Elder Mackelprang, Elder Knowles (Richard’s companion), Elder Manciati, Elder Ogle (Elder Knowles trainer) at a Napa Stake service project at a park in Vallejo.
100_1118 Elder Mackelprang, Elder Knowles, Brian E (newly baptized), Elder Bankhead, Elder Wisniewski
100_1111 The ward members who attended Brian and Andrea E’s baptism.

     I’m moving! I've felt this whole week that I would be going, but I really didn't want to believe it, but I could tell from how I was organizing and cleaning things up that I had something of a premonition that I was out.

     Mom, no I didn't get the package yet, probably because of transfers. I'll probably get it tomorrow. That'll be nice. So yeah, I'm being transferred out of Sonoma and to Fairfield.

New Address
Elder Mackelprang
921 Harlequin Way
Suisun City, CA 94585

     I will be with an elder named Elder Bitner. I've never met nor heard of him. I'll see what he's like. It's been a crazy week this week.

     WOW! This week has been amazing due to an investigator that has progressed so rapidly that I would say that it's almost unprecedented. His name is Fernando Franco. We met him on the street a few weeks ago. He invited us over, and we stopped by talked about the Restoration, what we're about, and how he could find more happiness in his life. He was willing to read from the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. He was excited to do so. He wanted something more in his life that he didn't have at that point. We set another appointment for that Thursday and taught him again. At that appointment he had felt filled with joy and happiness and he'd read about 1/4 of the Book of Mormon on his own. When we talked about how baptism was part of the plan to return to God he asked us, "so when can I be baptized?" We set a date with him for this coming Saturday the 29th. He's been learning so rapidly and growing! It's been a faith building experience to see just how much the Gospel can change someone's life! It also shows me, rather underlines the importance of the Book of Mormon. It is the key to helping everyone come to know their Savior Jesus Christ and the plans that He has for all of us. I'm sad to be leaving Sonoma, but I know that it's for a wise purpose of the Lord, and that He has other people for me to find, teach, and baptize. To help these people find what they've been lacking and longing for all of their lives! I hope that you'll allow me to come back for Fernando's baptism this Saturday. Fernando was wanting me to baptize him, and I would absolutely love to have that opportunity. I love Fernando, and the strength that he has showed. I hope to improve how I share the Gospel with others from what I've learned by teaching him.

     I love you all!

     ran out of time again...

     Elder Mackelprang

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