Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June Already!?

Hey Mom, can you forward my emails to John?

  • Transfers were short for me. We have a transfer loop and mine was the first stop after leaving Sonoma. It would have been cool to meet everyone at the mission pres.'s house, but I think that we have too many people and cover too big an area for that to be time effective.
  • Yes, I did get the package. The day after I arrived to Fairfield, actually. It was just in time for Fernando's baptism! I got a few pictures of that. I'll take some more cool pictures of the area and me.
  • Elder Bittner (my new Jr. Companion) is from Mesa, AZ (small world, huh?), and this is his 2nd transfer out here in California. So he's still green behind the ears, but he knows what he's doing, and he's still learning his Spanish. He's a cool kid. This will be a good transfer.
  • I haven't gotten mail from anyone besides the family in awhile, except from Kayla and Elder Roberts, and a wedding announcement from my MTC teacher at BYU. That was entertaining (inside MTC district joke).
  • The big charge from the bike shop was a tune-up that I did on it. I know that the shop is a *wee* bit expensive, but my bike works just like new, so I'm not complaining.
  • Yes, I'm loving the Cracklin' Oat Bran. It is really awesome, but I'll probably run out before the next package :P / :'( I'll have to try to enjoy it while it lasts.
  • The pants are doing great. They are comfortable and durable. I was able to have a Sister that lives in Sonoma to hem up the legs into cuffs so that it wouldn't be so long. So now they look even more stylish. They should last me a good long while.

Mom: I am near the Jelly Belly factory and I'm planning on going sometime soon. I don't know if I'll be able to get you some misfits before your birthday, buy I'll get you some. I promise.

I may have to write you guys a letter home with some of the stories that have happened this week. There's too many and I'm already a little over time.

I love you all!

Your missionary

Elder Mackelprang

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