Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School’s Out For The Summer…

<<Sis. Bunker posted some Zone Conference pictures recently on her blog.  Here are the ones that had Elder Mackelprang in them>>

DSC_0088 Richard and his new companion – Elder Bittner
DSC_0106 Elder Mackelprang’s Zone (Fairfield).

     I do in fact have some stories to share, and I wrote them in a letter that I wanted to scan and copy to send to several people, but we don't have access to a library scanner here in the Fairfield Zone.  T.T I was kinda sad since we usually end up going to the stake center for emails, but no one has keys to the library. I may just end up sending you guys the list of stories that I wrote last week and you guys can upload it to the blog or something. It's just going to be difficult to make copies here.

     Life is good here. There have been some really cool things that have happened where random people talk to us and we set up appointments to go see them, and also random Tongan people inviting us over for graduation parties (that was some of the best teriyaki bar-b-q that I've had in a LONG time). Fairfield is also little wild, and dangerous as there have been shootings and murders in some of the areas we work in. Fortunately we haven't been exposed to anything. I will get Mom those bellyflop beans that I promised, and I will be going to the factory today! Unfortunately that will probably mean that my letter writing for this week will suffer... but I'll make it up next week. I know that your prayers are with us.

     Zone conference was awesome as always. It's like a short version of general conference on a very common basis, and it will pretty much be every month that we have one. I love it and I have learned much from President Bunker. He's an amazing man, and he's like another father for me. I'm grateful for his love and example because  I really can feel how sincere it is. I also had the opportunity to share my musical talents there. I sung a solo of "Oh Give Me Back My Prophet Dear" I was pretty nervous since I also sang it a cappella, but I did well.

     I love my mission, and I'm growing in what I know and understand about this amazing Gospel. Please find time to read your scriptures, even if it's just for 5 minutes a day. That's what I tell my investigators that say, "I don't have time." I have seen the blessings and change in the lives of the investigators that sincerely read and do what we've asked. I know that the Lord will always bless us with more strength to move forward if we study his word, and 'drink of His living waters' and quench the thirst of our spirits. I love you all, and I hope life is going well.

     The pictures that Leah and Jenna sent were lovely. :P I think that it's funny how my friends and investigators here can't get their mind around the fact that we're related since I'm a large and in charge giant while Leah and Jenna are thin and good-looking.

     Way to go Josh! 15 miles is a good distance on a bike. I know I've had a lot of fun riding my bike here. I know we'll have some fun riding around together when I get back. (Then again Mom would probably freak out since I ride my bike following all the rules like a car would here in California. :P Fortunately people treat bikes with respect on the road.) Keep working hard on your Scouts, and you'll have a blast!

     This has been a good week! This week has been a little longer than some of the past, but we're making good progress by finding lots of new people to teach, and increasing the number of people that we're teaching overall. I feel that there are still many things that Elder Bittner and I can do to improve the area, and that there are so many people who are just waiting to be found, taught, and baptized. While things aren't improving in a rate that I would like, they are improving. I want to keep moving forward pushing the limits higher and higher. I loved Zone Conference. There were many things that I learned, and goals that I have set for myself and goals that I hope Elder Bittner and I can work on as a companionship. I'm learning more about what I'm doing with the Lord's name, and what I'm doing with the Lord's time. What it truly means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. Learning more of His love for us and for those we teach. This really is our chance to walk the path that He walked, and learn how we can be more like Him.

     Here is some of the new investigators that we're working with:

  • Cindy, Cristina, Domingo, and Roberto Santiago- Cindy was the first one of this family that we taught. She's a 9 y.o. who wants to learn more about Jesus Christ, because she doesn't know much at all Him. We have been teaching the rest of her family and we have commited them to preparing for baptism as they gain a testimony of Joseph Smith, the Restoration, and the Book of Mormon. They were going to be at the Recent Convert meeting yesterday, but they were unable to make it, because Domingo got off of work too late. We're very excited for them.
  • Erik- He's a teenager who likes listening to people who talk about God. It was funny talking to him, since he already believed in things that we shared. He seemed a little reserved about reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, but once he truely reads it, He'll start progressing really well.
  • Enoc- He's someone who has talked with missionaries before, but is interested in learning more about us. He's reading the Book of Mormon, and we hope to help him understand what he needs to do to move forward and learn more.

     Your missionary,


     Elder Mackelprang

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