Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paper Letter From June 17

<<This is a handwritten letter from Elder Mackelprang dated May 31, 2010, received June 17>>

Hello all! This is going to be a general letter to everyone so that I can tell all of the cool stories that I've been unable to related in my emails. Just a warning though, they're not in chronological order.


1. The Moreno family was on national TV. Alan Moreno and his Mom, Ana (Villalobos) Moreno were on Spanish Channel 14 on a show called "Sabado Gigante". It was a Mother's Day special held on May 8th. It was really cool. The Moreno family showed us highlights that they recorded on the TB. We'll see if Dad can find a way to take some clips of the show.


2. Just recently, my new companion, Elder Bittner, and I were going to a zone meeting at the stake center here in Fairfield. When we got their the zone leaders hadn't arrived yet and as we waited outside for them, some scouts brought out a rather strange contraption. Imagine a good sized recliner set on top of an "erector set" built robot car. Or more simply put - a remote controlled recliner. The scouts being adventurous guys they put their little contraption to the test. They also asked my companion to test drive their little machine. It was really impressive. Being a good companion, I recorded Elder Bittner's expedition. If I get the chance, I will send you the video I took.


3. Fernando Franco is the golden investigator. I've never met anyone ever, who has been more prepared to hear and accept the Gospel. He's been faced with opposition on every side as he's been progressing and learning these past 2 weeks, but he has found happiness, joy , fulfillment and love. He's read almost 1/2 of the Book of Mormon last I heard. His baptism was last Saturday. After some struggles and change of plans on the part of his family, Fernando told me that he was ready to ride his bike from Sonoma to Napa (about a 30 minute drive) to be able to make it. He's committed and he'll grow stronger in his faith. He can do great things, and will do great things. It was a great privilege to be able to baptize him.


4. Memories: Something else that I've noticed since I've gotten here in Fairfield are places that I remember visiting almost 10 years ago. Funny comments, conversations, arguments, observations and other things that I remember from walking on the main street with lots of their stores and restaurants (most of which I think are still here). It's great to see things that I've seen back in the day and bring back some of those memories. I'll enjoy going to the Jellybelly factory for sure! It's cool being able to talk to the Hall family (the family I'm living with) since they seem to know about "belly flop" specials.


5. I know that this is one of my really cool stories. Back in Sonoma there was a less-active named Sister Scarioni. During my stay there she never came to church until my 2nd to last Sunday. That day, after Sacrament meeting, she pulled us aside and told us that during that week she was filling up her car when she saw Elder Knowles and I walking. But she saw someone else - she saw Christ walking between me and my companion. She told us that at that moment she knew that it was high time to get back to church. That was a cool experience for me because it gave me assurance that even when it feels like we aren't accomplishing much, Christ is always with us. He will make use of whatever work and effort we give to Him.


That's pretty much all my stories... I'll make sure to make a note of more stories I can tell you guys.




Elder Mackelprang

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