Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Coming Home!

Hello again.

I got special permission to write home today, so here’s a note from the last day of my mission.

I'm sending this right after my Zone Conference, and before I head to President's house for dinner, etc. It's been a very interesting day... We covered a lot of basics, and I know that the mission is in good hands.

It's still kind of a unbelievable and gradual thing to actually realize that I'm coming home... I wont be here in California soon... in just about 24 hours... I'll be home... I'm happy and excited, but it is saddening how difficult it will be to leave this place.

I know that I have done great good for the people here. I know that I have learned a lot, and I know that I can be true to myself, and I know how to do what the Lord has called me to do. I see many blessings being fulfilled in my life, and I know it is only the beginning. I fear the trials and hardships that lie ahead, because I feel that there will be many when I least expect it...

I fear what the future may hold, but I know that I can have faith and hope in the Lord to be my strength. I know that He loves me, and that He will sustain me if I will reach out and grab His out-stretched hand. He is always waiting for us, lovingly, longingly, for us to come home.

Why do we wander? Why do we wallow in sin, which only brings us unhappiness? Our joy is light, and our light comes from our Eternal Father. He gives us all the light that we can hold, but we need to cleave unto that light, or we become filled with darkness. Bitterness. Regret. Hatred. All these things are misery. The devil will laugh as he continues to instill these feelings into people everywhere as he reigns Babylon and her whimful pleasures.

We have been commanded from a prophet today to stand in holy places, and I would repeat that inspired council. Stand in the place that will not fall, where we CANNOT fall. Even to the temple, the House of Holiness, The House of our God. Go often. I speak to those who live in my home boundaries. We live Easily within 10 minutes of our Apex temple. 

I wont tell you how often you should attend, but re-evaluate your commitment to the Savior and what He has to teach you about His Gospel in His holy house. Follow the directions and inspiration that you receive.

In Zone Conference, I gave my departing testimony about change. I recounted my feelings, fears, etc. that I had before coming out to serve. I remembered missionaries talking about completely being changed. That they were no longer the same person. I feared that. I feared change. I liked who I was, I knew of things that I wanted to change, and needed to change, but I was afraid. That fear held me back. Since then I've learned that I can be who I am, and still change. I've learned that there is nothing to fear about change, because change is the only constant. Change will continue to be the only constant until we become even as our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.

I'm out of time, we're off to President's house now, but I thought you'd enjoy this taste of spiritual learning that I've had here in the mission, and in my Zone Conference.

I love you all, and I'll see you all in about 24 hours! 


Elder Richard Mackelprang

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