Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Week of Coincidences

DSC_0365 Napa & Vallejo Zones with Napa Stake President Frye.  Elder Mackelprang is on the far right.  This was just before the move he mentions below.

So yeah. There was a big unexpected upset last Friday when I received a phone call from the Mission Office, and was told that I was going in a Zebra Trio (2 English, and me the Spanish)  for my last week of my mission. So to add to the irony that I'm dying in my Greenie area, I'm staying in the same apartment that was my first home as a greenie, where I first got trained, and had my first Christmas. Talk about returning to the land of my first inheritance (to die)! So I know that there's only 1 week left, but I would absolutely love someone to send me a letter this last week to break the myth that no one writes a missionary on their last week of their missions. I'd really appreciate it. 

DAD'S Email

That's wild that you guys had an earthquake. I actually have never noticed a single earthquake since I've been here. Maybe I'm not just paying attention, or I may just be a good luck charm. But I have had people ALL of this week telling me about how there was an earthquake back there, and how some buildings fell down, etc. Yeah, I was beginning to worry, but then I remembered how the media tends to sensationalize things, and how hurricanes leave nothing but rain at our house, and how the Lord is taking extra care in your welfare right now. So I'm glad that nothing happened.

I do like the idea of BBQing some ribs when I get home.

Jenna let me know that you made her seminary class president. I'm sure that you'll rock the seminary world. You seem to be a popular teacher.

I'm excited about coming home too, but I'm still focusing on being hard-working. I know that Andrew and I will have some fun, especially with Matthew getting home. Good times are ahead of us. 9 more days!


  • Do you want to run with us in the Greensboro 5K in October?  Yes, I'll be joining you for early morning jogs, etc. The more the merrier. I'll sell Joshua on the idea.
  • Do you want us to make any special arrangements or plans for the first few day’s you’re home?  I'll figure out exactly what I want to do the first few days home, but I REALLY would like to go to the DMV and get my license back. One that I wont have to worry about for 4 years! :-P But I'll let you know next week.  <<Editor’s Note: Elder Mackelprang’s driver’s license expired a few months ago, and NC won’t renew unless you’re on military leave, or renew in person>>
  • Are you going to need another memory card for pictures, or do you have room on it for this week?  I've been taking more and more pictures. My card still has room sufficient for these last few days. Don't worry about it. I'll be taking more.
  • You’re reporting to the High Council next Thursday.  Have you thought about your report?  I haven't thought about that report actually. I wasn't familiar with what they'd be asking me. So thanks for the heads up.

MOM'S Email

;-) No worries Mom. I'll write next week! I can't promise how long it'll be but I'll write, and tell you that I'm alive, and about any close calls with getting run over... oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I'm on bike again, up in Santa Rosa. Aunt Marsha may have told you, but I'm in Santa Rosa again for this last week, and I'm on bike. So I get to start losing weight again! I'll be more prepped for exercising with everyone when I get home. I may get the chance to see Aunt Marsha again; she said something about not having school on Labor Day, so it may be just 2 or 3 days before I come home. That made me laugh. But how can I say no?

I'm sure that I'll have plenty to do when I get home, and getting my license again will be very nice! I feel very locked up and constrained because I cannot drive. I still don't understand how some people still don't go get their licenses. It makes the world a lot easier. Better a busy calendar than a really blank one. I'm sure I'll have some time to rest and prep myself to go back to school, but I'll get it all done. I look forward to it. It's time for the next step, the next chapter of my life.

I've heard from MANY people that the East Coast felt a tremor. So, I figured that it's mostly over-excitement since I myself remembered how much our relatives would always over-react to hurricanes coming our way. I've had fun explaining that our area is too far in-land to be much of a hurricane hazard. I think people like to over-embellish the stories they hear on the media. I can imagine you with your umbrella just under the home depot entrance and fighting with your umbrella until you take the 20 steps to the door. :-) It made me smile.

It'll be interesting to see just how much my little Squash has grown. I'm sure I can't call him Squashy-Joshy anymore. He's probably big enough to actually try to tackle me. I'm sure that we will have some fun times ahead of us. We'll make some memories for sure.

I've heard about Dad losing weight, and I'm proud of him! I'll have to follow suit so that we are all going in the right direction. I agree with your philosophy, but there is a time where it's nice to know about the numbers. It can be a good impetus to get you started, which is the hardest part. 

I know that the Lord has blessed us greatly, and that this is only the beginning. I know that there may be trials in store ahead, but that I need to focus on today, and fight for today, and let tomorrow come. I'm grateful for all that I have seen and done here, and I'm grateful for the blessings and growth that I've experienced from having served here. I know that it is the beginning of many great things in my life. It really is a new beginning.

P.S. I will challenge you to keep writing weekly updates as a journal entry, and I will follow up with that when I get home! I've learned about inviting and helping other people make and keep goals, so you better watch out! ;-)

Yep, so I'm outta time. See y'all soon!

Love your son,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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