Monday, August 22, 2011

2 Weeks... Is It Really True?

MOM's Email

It's Alright Mom, I understand why you didn’t write last week. I heard from Dad that you weren't feeling very well. I know that I don't get very sick very often, but when I do I remember why it is that nothing gets done when you're sick. No worries.

I did enjoy the Taylor's visit. It was funny what you were telling me about how lucky I am to see them so often, because Aunt Marsha was saying that she loved the fact that I was so close here, because she's seen me more often here than she does outside the mission. ;-) It's true. I'm blessed, and I'm probably going to see them again next year after the winter semester at BYU Provo. I'm planning to road trip with Robert back to Santa Rosa next April and visit the mission before President Bunker ships home. I think it'd be a great opportunity. But we'll see how that one plays out. I was very happy and excited to get the jam and the pie. I wasn't expecting it at all. I'm very grateful that he took the time to handpick the berries, and cook them up himself. I'm impressed at his cooking skill. The Chinese restaurant was good, and I realized when I went with the Taylors that I swear that it's a restaurant that we went to as a family when we visited California as a family several years back. It's called China Wok, and there's a "One of a Kind Barbie Museum" behind it. I remember Dad making a funny comment about it, and about a comment I made about the family meal on their menu. It was interesting. It's crazy how all of these random, strange memories come back to me as I go and see these places, and serve here. It's actually really cool.

I was pondering on the changes that I have seen in myself as you were closing off your letter to me. Ironically I have gone back to reviewing the first "records" of my 2nd 3 months in the mission journal. It's interesting to see how my outlook and character have matured since then, but I have also seen the "normal" me peering out as I realize that my time is coming to an end as a full-time missionary. I realize that I can't go back to where I was, and that the only real way to go, is forward, with purpose. So I know that even though I wont progress as rapidly as I have here, and even though I will still have a lot of the same likes, and hobbies, I'll be more in control of who I am, and rise up to what is expected of me.  

I have had some weird dreams about coming home last week, but not so much this week. I know that it'll be a weird adjustment at first, but I know that I'll adjust quickly. That's something I'm improved on is adjusting to new circumstances.

I'm definitely excited to see Bishop Anderson again. I guess it's the Lord motivating me to go to singles ward. He already has several enticements there already to motivate me to go, so it seems like I'll go there. I hope that I enjoy it more than before my mission. I also hope that girls aren't chasing me around anywhere. :-P But then again, I'm not so good-looking as I was before the mission, so I'll have some time to burn the fat again. I do look forward to being in a choir again. I need to stretch out my bass notes again. I definitely don't want to lose my contra-bass notes. ;-)  

I'll pull that little brother of mine into some exercise, or he might not get to play and have fun playing games with his older brother. No, I wont be manipulative, but I'll encourage him. I promised him some bike rides, and we'll go on some walks for sure. I'm sure I can think of some ways to encourage him. I don't blame him though. I was the exact same way if you remember. exercise, and goal setting were some of the banes of my existence. We can help him. We'll get there.

Your letter hasn't made me more trunky. I appreciate the updates. It was a great letter. I'm sure that things will feel very different and strange when I get home, but life moves on. Have a great week Mom! Love you!

DAD's Email

I'm glad that Joshua is progressing so much on his scouting. I'll make sure to help him out with all of that when I get home.

Good luck going back to school Jenna!

I have the opportunity to go to the temple my last time in the mission this Saturday. I get to go to the Spanish session again! I'm going to love that. It was SO clear, and I could understand it all wonderfully last time. I look forward to this temple trip, and going again when I come home.

We definitely need to be more appreciative of the Holy Ghost. He is the key to all of this. We are trying to explain a 3 dimensional concept to a 2 dimensional people, conceptually speaking. Look up the Holy Ghost in the Bible Dictionary. There's some homework/ study to prep y'all for school. ;-)


  1. Any recent pictures?  I did take just a few pictures today, but I lent the card reader to a missionary last week, and he broke the SD card slot trying to put his card into it backwards. So you'll just have to wait for 2 weeks until I bring the last few pictures home. I'm not very picture-taking savvy. Even though I keep the camera hidden in the car, the picture moments don't seem to occur very often. *shrug* I'll be taking pictures of me and the members during these last Sundays so that I can have some pictures to talk about.  
  2. How’s the journal coming along? I have filled a good portion of my missionary journal. The regularity in journal entries vary, but it's about 1 a week, sometimes, 1 every 2 weeks. I'm doing a speedier version of the transcribing of the first 6 months of my mission, where I wrote a few notes about every single day. That was interesting, and is interesting seeing the changes from about 2 years ago to now.
  3. Have you had time to send testimonies / notes to any old investigators or members?  I still have been writing regularly to a less active I helped reactivate in Rohnert Park. I actually got a letter this week saying that he finally got the Melchezidek Priesthood! I was way excited about that! He is a great man, and I don't want to lose contact with him. I don't have current addresses on other people that I would like to write. Latino culture tends to move a lot here in the states.
  4. Any investigators progressing well?  I've been working with Saul, but it seems his cold feet are determined not to get wet before I leave. I have faith to make some great things happen before I go, but Saul seemed like the best and greatest opportunity to have a baptism as I leave. Well, I know that he WILL get baptized, even if it's not before I go home. If anything else he's become a good friend. At very least I'll have Jorge Giron on track to get his mission papers started! He will make a great missionary. He will have to face many challenges to go, but I know that he can do it. I'll be there encouraging him the entire way!

Other than that, I'm just working hard, and doing all I can to leave this place better than when I found it. I love you all! I look forward to seeing you soon! Keep the faith! God will provide.

Love your son, friend, and missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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