Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just a Few Weeks Left

DAD's Email

So this week. This has been a really good week. We've met a lot of people, and have been doing a lot of work. It's been great to see just how great the work is, and with the end in sight it's finally starting to begin to sink in that I'm really going to be leaving this place... Even with that in mind, I'm still plowing ahead at full speed to get things done, and to achieve those goals that I spoke about last week. I'm loving it here, and I'll be sad to leave, even though I am excited to come home. For a new chapter in my life. Things have changed, and they will continue to change, and something that the Lord has been teaching me in these last few weeks is how to really deal with change. So, even though the future may hold some interesting things, or maybe even scary things, I know that if we trust in the Lord and press onward then we will have nothing to fear.

Jenna & Leah's Daycare adventure. I'm glad that Leah was successful, and enjoyed her endeavors in taking care of all those kids. I've seen the spectrum of how crazy kids can be from visiting people's houses... It can get pretty crazy. Good job Leah! Good Luck on your new job hunting.

I also got my flight itinerary this week as well. That was cool. That was part of the sinking in that I'm going home. I think that it's funny that they make suggestions to help you try to not make me trunky, but with things as they are with everyone asking me when I'm going home, there really isn't any help for it.

The "new me." Well. I know that I have changed somewhat from the beginning of my mission. But I like to think that for the most part that I am the same person at heart. It's hard to express, but I think that most of the changes that do take place are the small, and sometimes subtle ones, but I can understand how they are great at the same time, since you're changing the path you will walk for the rest of your life. It can be pretty deep stuff to meditate about.

I’m sorry so many of the family is having trouble on the "cold" front. The Flu bug just loves to jump around doesn't it? I'm glad that I've only had 1 sick day on the mission. That was a very off day. It felt weird being in the apartment all day, and not being able to leave. we'll see what it's like being home.

Love your missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang 

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