Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another Transfer, Another Week

Hey everyone! *Whew!* It's been a great week, with lots of great experiences with finding some great new people, and adjusting to a new companion, and really carrying the area.

Like I said last week, I'm still here in Vallejo, and will be until I come home, and things are moving along quickly. Faster than I probably realize, but as long as I'm focused and working hard then I wont worry about it.

It seems that everyday someone asks me how long I've been out, and my companions tell them EXACTLY how much longer I have... :-P It's kinda funny, but I'm not worried about it. I'm glad that I'm around some of my favorite friends, and companions for this last hurrah! I'll make it memorable.

This week will be interesting, especially since I will probably get the chance to sit in on one of our recent converts Patriarchal blessing! He's almost completed his year, and we're helping him prepare for serving a mission of his own, and helping his brother get baptized. It's really great!  I'm keeping busy, and positive about how everything is going. Here's my comments about your emails.

MOM's Email

Mom subbing in Primary. That just seems really natural. Then again, since I have lots of memories of her serving in Primary I guess I just generally think that way.

The Singles Ward  finally meets in the Cary building. That will be an adventure when the time comes. I'll be able to choose between the Spanish Branch, the Singles Ward, and the Cary 2nd ward. :-) The best 3 choices I could ever wish for.

I'm not the best as recounting Missionary experiences. I will probably have some good stories to tell, but I'm not good at recounting stories from memory. I'll do my best to have some good stories for y'all. ;-)

Andrew – thanks for the letter.  Keep up the good work! Good luck on your finals!

I know that many things have happened in "My House" since I've been gone.  I am expecting lots of changes. I might actually be surprised that not all that much has changed. I guess I'll see soon enough.

Finding a job will be interesting. It'll be nice to have a job where I can practice my Spanish. It's a great skill that I love that I have.

I'm glad that you all have had a great summer. Summer is wrapping up to a close. Enjoy every last minute of it.

DAD's Email

Weathers nice here in Cali. I'm glad I get to skip out on the hot times out there. It sounds pretty grim.

I'm excited for the Hanging Rock camping trip in October. Yeah that'll be nice. I look forward to being able to appreciate nature more now.

Wow... That's a lot of pork you guys pulled for Youth Conference... 200 lbs. That just sounds intense. I'm sure Youth Conference was a blast, but Jenna was too tired to relate all of her tales and experiences with that. Hopefully I'll hear about that soon.

I hope that I can go boating when I get home... everyone will probably be back into school mode though... rats. Well, I'll see how we can set up a boating trip sometime later.

The Youth Talent shows. What memories. Cary 2nd ward Priests never fail to live up to high standards. They certainly have followed the crazy humor of what I remember of my times in the Youth program. Keep the dream alive! ;-)

I'm working hard, and I will endure to the end. It looks like it'll be a challenge, but what accomplishment comes with no effort? See you all soon!

The church is true!

Your missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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