Monday, August 2, 2010

It Can't Be August Already

Hey Y'all!

*Whew* this week has been a great one, and it has flown by faster than I thought possible. I did get my package last Monday, ironically enough. So I did send some pictures today. I hope you enjoy them. I still need to take more pictures... but I'll work on that every week. I'll make a goal to take 1 picture a day or at least 7 pictures per week, so that I have more stuff to show about what I'm doing.

I'm enjoying being with Elder Bittner, even though our personalities rub each other the wrong way sometimes. We get along, and we work together well, so it's all that matters. We're good friends and we work things out. It's essential for any companionship.

Our work here in Fairfield has been improving more and more as we have put the new curriculum of teaching into practice. Our mission is reaching all-time highs and we're learning to find more joy and fun in the work. I know that the Lord is blessing us for learning to do things more on His way. We teach by the spirit and not our own ideas of what the investigators need.

I wish I could just tell you all everything that I've learned in these short 6 weeks... but, it would take me many hours, and I wouldn't be able to teach with as much clarity as if you had been there listening for yourselves. Those who are leaving now to serve missions, now is the time! This is missionary work at its best! We are a prepared generation, and are more prepared to do the work than ever before! The blessings that will come are innumerable and eternal. It changes your life. I paid a high price to come out here, but it will forever be worth it. Those of you who haven't thought about serving a mission, thinking that it isn't for you. Reconsider. You'll only get a chance like this once. Pray about it, and Go for it!

It sounds like things are going great there at home, even though Leah was sick for a little while. I hope things stay that way (going great that is :-).

So here's what's been going on with some of my investigators.

  • Ana- She's one of our newer investigators and she's the mother of 4, her husband was deported awhile ago. She's really interested in our message and in the Book of Mormon. She's come to church with 2 of her kids going to primary and they all liked it. I know that she'll set a date soon. Definitely in our next lesson, and I feel that she will be committed to that. Hopefully the families who live with her in her apartment will be a little more open to listening to what we have to share with them soon.
  • Lucio Mendez- He's our investigator with a date for baptism. However, it's been almost 2 weeks since we've been able to get in contact with him. We're still working hard to meet up with him again, and see where he's at, how he's doing, but we seem to always pass by at the wrong time. It doesn't help that he lives in a set of apartments that has a locked gate built on the entrance... So we can't get in unless someone lets us in. We'll keep praying for him, and for the inspiration on how to find him.
  • Jenny- She's one of the friends of Francisco. She's a very sweet lady who has had a very crummy life. She's been through a lot, and has talked to missionaries before. Now than ever I think that she needs the Gospel, and I know that we can help her find what she's looking for, but it gets difficult when you have different individuals that you're teaching at different points in progression and interest, all not related to each other and trying to receive inspiration for them all at the same time... I hope that Zone Conference tomorrow will help me know how I should take care of that.

I love you all, and I hope that the Lord will watch over you this week! I know that this church is true, and that it will bless your life as you diligently strive to follow after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His example.

Your missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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