Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy P Day! (November 8 2010)

We had a mission conference this week with Elder Golden. Man... that was pretty intense! I'm always amazed at what your learn when a general authority starts speaking.

I had the opportunity to eat lunch with Aunt Marsha due to a series of unfortunate events that cancelled our planned temple trip for last week. I had asked Aunt Marsha for a ride, and invited her to come with us, but our District leader for solid reason didn't want to go, and so none of us could because he's the district leader. So yeah I was disappointed about that, but I invited Aunt Marsha out to lunch to make things up to her. :) It's hard to believe it's almost already been a year since I've last seen her. Time has flown by.

Stake Conference is always amazing, and it's funny for me to think and compare how it's so  similar to zone conferences out here on the mission! It's always uplifting, and you leave knowing where your focus needs to be next. That's something I hope to keep up after the mission.

Some questions for you:

Did you get your new shoes yet?  I know you wanted them for Christmas, but you'll have them early :-)

Yes I did, they are wonderful, and according to the chiropractic that we visit it's doing wonders for my back, and posture, dealing with strains, etc.

How many shirts do you think you want for Christmas?  I was planning on three of them, all long sleeve.  Let me know if that's different from what you really want.

Actually most of what I need are new short sleeves. I was thinking 3 short sleeves, and 1 long.

Do you have any "special" requests for your goodie package for Christmas?  Our plan is to do something similar to what we did last year, so if you have any special requests, let us know soon (we have to send it off pretty quickly).

I like it being a little surprising, but I will ask that you send me a little bit of money to go out to eat, since my mission budget doesn't allow me to do that next to never.

At the mission conference, try to get in several pictures if you can.  Try not to be in the back row also :-)  Almost all the zone/mission pictures I've seen of you have you in the back.

Sorry it's already over, but I know that Sis Bunker took a picture of me, Elder Zufelt, another companion ship we serve with, and also Elders Bittner and Knowles with whom I've previously served.

Well transfers are here!! I'm off to Rohnert Park! (a little south of Rosa.)

I don't have the address with me so I'll have to mail it to you with the letter to the ward I've been working on. (I might be able to have Thanksgiving with Aunt Marsha if things work out. She's pretty close to my new area.)

I love you all, and the best news is that we have 3 baptisms this Saturday! Anita, and her kids Alejandro and Ana are getting baptized. I love that family, and I'm happy that they've finally made all of the necessary steps to make it into the waters of baptism! Even if it is right as I leave. (It's alright, it seems to happen all the time, but now the rules are that missionaries leaving an area aren't supposed to come back to see the baptism just for the baptism. So I'll hope that Elder Zufelt takes good pictures.

I'm doing great, and I hope you all are doing the same!

Elder Mackelprang

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