Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Approaches

Hey Y'all! 

Things are great! Things are still moving forward, albeit a little slowly, but we found some new investigators this week! It's been a lot harder as of late to find them. I think things will roll along, as time moves on closer into spring with more work available in the vineyards, and in the stores, etc. I do have some photos to send home, and I'll probably send home the card this week in a letter, so if you guys want to include a new memory card in the package as well, that would be cool. :) I'm sure Joshua's having a blast with his friends. Deacon Dance parties, LOL! I can only imagine. I do miss my lil’ bro. He wont be so little when I get back though... He'll still want to wrestle then too, I bet.

Something cool that I get to do this week is learn an authentic Latino recipe! A solid meal. I can't remember the name, but I'll let you know how it goes! It should be fun!

I do remember the times we went and visited the Conrad family. I was envious of their projector... I'm glad we ended up getting one. I'll try to get one of my own when I actually have an apartment. :) We'll see how it goes.  Tell Leah that I love her, Jenna and Joshua as well.

I know that the church is true! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that the blood of many good people was shed to give us this knowledge. This is the book that God has given us to bring light unto all nations, kindred and tongues. This is the book that is another witness of our Savior Jesus Christ, and helps us to come to know Him personally, and to feel of His love to us. I know that God speaks to us TODAY. We have His words. We can have love, peace, and protection in our lives if we are willing to follow his commandments. They truly are the way to happiness. I love you all. Have a fantastic week!


Elder Mackelprang

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