Thursday, February 3, 2011

Martin L. King Day

Hello Family!

This week has been awesome! Not much different from last week, or many weeks in the mission, but it's always a learning and growing experience here.

I've actually had a lot of opportunities to cook with Elder Brickey. He's the first one to take me up on my live-in cook special. He helps buy some of the groceries, and I cook them for a meal for two. We've been able to get a few frozen meats from the missionaries in my district that don't like to cook, but I think that they don't have any more to give out... So I might save that steak dinner for a special occasion. I'm being fed well here too. Santa Rosa was probably the worst when it came to dinners.

Way to go Josh! (giving your first talk in Sacrament Meeting!!) I'll read your talk soon! You should send me a copy of it in my next package!

I'm starting to read Jesus the Christ in Spanish. That's very rewarding. I like it, and it wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be, although when it gets down to some of the analogies there are a lot of new words to learn thanks to Talmage’s word choices.

I could feel the change that would happen with Leah leaving the house to go to college at BYU-I. It was weird for me to even think that she'd away from home out here. I'm sure it's crazy for you guys.

I should have a few new pictures for you this next week. If you want to send me out one of the new cards then you can get all of the pictures that I have on my current card.

I did enjoy my Dinner with Aunt Marsha. We went to olive garden. It was very cool. I got to see Keith, which was very nice, it seems like forever since I saw him, even though it was only a year ago.

Being on bike always wears down on my clothes, but since we haven't needed to use the bikes recently the clothes are holding up very well. One of the pairs of pants are starting to wear down, one is still in good condition, and the last one is pristine. The only difference that I trace it down to is the biking, but at least they still fit me perfectly.

Next week should be better and more detailed. I'll look for some cool stories and experiences to share with you.

I know the church is true, and that God's hand is more in your life than you may realize. The book of Mormon is the word of God, and Jesus Christ called Joseph Smith to be a prophet in our days and our times. I also know that no matter what. Faith = power. That applies to everything.

I love you all!

Elder Mackelprang

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