Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oak Island Vacation!!!


Cool! The beach trip sounds like you're all having lots of fun. enjoy those ocean breezes, I love them!!!  They're really nice.

So, Leah's room is getting remodeled. Again. :P How many times is that now, dear sister?

I'm so happy for Jenna, that she could attend EFY. I know that she learned a lot there. :) Keep those goals you made Jenna!

Your work projects sound really cool! I'd enjoy hearing about some of those projects sometime.

  1. Yes we did watch the fireworks. Although the trees prevented us seeing all of them. :( But it was nice being with the other missionaries that live in our apartment complex and have some fun for the 4th. 
  2. Our investigator pool is doing very well. Things are improving, and we're finding more people little by little. There have been some really cool experiences, but I'll save that for #5. We have a few people attending church. So it's nice.
  3. If we knew where we could pick blackberries then we'd probably go, but we don't have a single clue. I'll ask one of the members around here if they know. I remember that trip to Santa Rosa we made all those years ago. I still remember picking those blackberries, and making blackberry syrup for pancakes... yuuummmy. 
  4. Transfer information comes out this Saturday. I think that I'm most likely staying, but it's my last transfer, so who knows what will happen! I really hope that I stay.
  5. Elder Glaus and I get along really well. It's also nice having Elder Brickey (former companion), and Elder Estep serving in the branch. It makes things nicer. I'm among friends. As for spiritual stories and what-not I do have a sweet experience at one of the dinners we had this week. So her name is sis Angin. She is a member who lives here in Vallejo, but attends the branch in Fairfield. (long story). But she is married to a non-member. We go over to see her a couple times a month for dinners. So this time, we happened to have dinner as usual, and the husband kind and courtious as always excuses himself before we end with a prayer to prepare for the next day (for work.) It just so happened that I was asked to give the prayer. While praying I was prompted to pray for her husband that he would one day prepared to hear and accept the gospel. Afterwards with tears in her eyes, she thanked me, and told me, "Of  _all_  the missionaries who have come over for dinner (she's been a member for a LONG time) you are the first one to have prayed for my husband to be able to accept the Gospel." I was really touched, and I know that because the Lord prompted me that way, that he will be prepared one day. I know that she must pray diligently, and longfully for that day. I know that God will answer her prayers. There was a couple of really cool experiences when I was asked to give blessings, and those were very special moments for me. It almost seems more special to do it in Spanish than in English. But that's all that I really remember of the cool experiences for this week. I'll let you know of more later.

MOM's email

Oh the days of the Priest Quorum Quartet (PQQ). by the way, I sang a duet with my friend Elder Estep. All seven verses of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief”, with many different harmonies.  We performed it for Zone Conference last Friday.  Zone conference! I finally got see my trainer give his departing testimony. He leaves next week. :P Crazy. I'm trying not to think too hard about my time coming to an end as well. There were quite of few pictures that were taken of me there. I'm sure Dad is getting them as we speak. The pictures I sent to you are mainly of me and my companion with 2 people. #1 my investigator Saul, and #2 Jorge (short with glasses, preparing for a mission). These guys are really cool, and really special. I'm glad that I'm their friend.

Well, I'm out of time, but I'm keeping busy, and I'm doing all that I can to get lots of work done. i love you all and I'll see you all in less than 2 months!! (dun dun dun!)

Love your missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

IMG_0207 Zone Conference
IMG_0209 Zone Conference

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