Tuesday, October 26, 2010

P-Day! Fall Is Upon Us

<<Editors note – In this week’s email, Richard jumps right in and starts addressing points made in the several family emails he received this week.  Regarding the play Jenna was in – Midsummer Nights Dream from Shakespeare>>

Yeah, the plays end up taking a lot of crunch time the nights before the performances, but it's worth it most of the time. It was nicer being able to drive myself and not have to drive the family crazy with the play's whacked out schedule. I've heard that Toy Story 3 is pretty awesome, I hope you enjoy it.

<<Regarding Joshua’s working on the Cooking merit badge by cooking for the family for three straight days>>

Cooking just seems to run in our family ;-) it'll be interesting to see  what Josh and I can cook up together when I get back. I didn't like Family Life merit badge at all either. I didn't mind doing the chores, but having to keep track of it all was a pain. 

I don't doubt that Joshua's voice has been deepening like crazy. how much has he grown height-wise? A lot I can imagine.

<<Regarding Hope and Leah singing at the Ward Primary Program>>

We'll be joining the English ward next week for a primary performance ourselves. I'm looking forward to it. I doubt they're as good as Bro. Watkins though. I miss all of the musical talent of our ward... *sigh* I'll miss it a LOT since I'll only have a few months there at home before I'm off again too.

<<Regarding some of the ongoing renovations going on at our house>>

:P I know that most of the damage is done on wrecking the house. It's mostly inside repair jobs, and what-not, but I'm sure it'll feel completely different when I come home.

Mom, if you want to find a poem to send me, send one about being valiant, or courageous.

<<Regarding being halfway done with his mission>>

Yep, past the year mark. Every day is my last day of being a missionary on next calendar year!  

<<Regarding writing a letter to the ward to tell everyone how things are going>>

Yeah, I'll see what I can do to get a ward letter out this week. I should have some extra time, but this week is going to be filled with more excitement than many of my weeks past. We have lots of events going on with the ward, stake, and our investigators. I'm excited to be able to spend some more social time with them. I might even get a chance to carve a pumpkin this year! 

I still haven't heard from Jenna yet, to tell me how it's been going. I hope that she's been enjoying herself.

<<Regarding an upcoming business trip I’m taking to Canada>>

I hope you enjoy your first real hockey game Dad! Not to mention your working vacation (;-) in Canada.

  1. <<Are you moving?>>  I'm positive that I'm moving, but heaven knows where.
  2. <<Any investigator news?>> Nothing much has changed with my investigators. We have a few potentials that are looking good, but other than the usual encouraging our investigators to make the changes they need to (like getting married) before getting baptized. They all have some small roadblock that they need to work through. 
  3. <<Any pictures for us?>> I just sent you some pictures in my letter this week. Mom should have it by today. With the card and the stuff I promised last week.

Well, I'm running out of time... :P Sorry that this week's a little less meatier than usual, but I'll send the ward letter home this week, and that'll have some good stuff for y'all!

I'm happy to be out here, and I hope that you all find more ways to strengthen your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Your Missionary,

Elder Mackelprang 

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