Wednesday, October 14, 2009

hello part2

Well... It's great to hear that everything back there is going well and I hope things continue to improve. I hope Joshua feels a little bit better about me being gone, but I know that he'll still miss me. I hope Leah is doing well in School and is not getting too stressed out, and I hope that Jenna is learning to enjoy her Freshman year even if she's still adjusting to the fast pace of the teachings and the large load of homework.

Don't miss me too much! :P  I think that it's great that Dad has been doing even more yard work since I've been gone, just because I'll just get home and stand there gaping at everything that's changed when I get back. (For however long that I will be home... before going back to BYU)

Well I used up several minutes registering for my account, and for those who want to send me mail tell them to send it to: <<Address withheld - family use only>>. I'll do my best to get a couple of letters out today, but today's schedule is already scheduled to be pretty busy... we're going to the temple now so I'll have to send another one to you guys and one for you guys to forward to Kayla. (Yes it's allowed.) Adios! (Don't worry I'll tell you more about what's happened afterwards.)

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