Sunday, October 18, 2009

Richard Pictures

  (this post is by Richard’s Dad)

The family sent a few pictures of Richard from when he visited them in Mesa / Gilbert on his way to the MTC.  I thought I’d add there here for you all to see

This is Richard and Dixie at Aunt Diana’s house.  Sep. 28, 2009.  Dixie has been around since shortly after Richard was born.

Richard and Dixie

This is Richard and Daniel Mackelprang, Richard’s cousin at Aunt Diana’s house in Mesa.  The gazebo is brand new (as of this summer).  Sep 28, 2009. Richard and Daniel
Here Richard is at his Uncle Michael’s house practicing his electric guitar playing in Beatles Rock Band.  Kenny, Richard, Brandon in front, Grandpa and Stephen in the back.  Sep. 29, 2009. Richard and the Band
Richard and Taylum.  It looks like Taylum intends to use him as a drum.  Sep. 29, 2009.

Richard and Taylum 1

Richard and Taylum playing Rock Band.  Sep. 29, 2009. Richard and Taylum 2

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