Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 3

(Posted by Richard’s Dad)

We sent Richard some questions this week, and he (quickly) answered them.  See below:

Dad’s Questions

  1. Are you getting all the DearElders I'm sending from your missionary friends?  Do you want to continue receiving them?  I'm planning to do it this way until you leave the MTC, then we'll re-evaluate.  For now, however, you should be averaging 1+ DearElder just from your mission buddies.  It will be expensive to send you 8 sheets of paper each week, so we may only put them in packages once you're in CA.
  2. Did you get the answer on whether your ldsmail email address is sharable with non-family members?
  3. Have your companions told your family about your blog (  They may want to do so, since there are several pictures of your companions up there
  4. How do you like the MTC choir?
  5. Share some experience while on the phone with investigators.  We'd love to hear about it.
  6. Do you have snow yet?

Richard’s Answers

  1. yes I'm getting all of the Dear Elders from my fellow missionaries! I'm very happy to get to hear how they are doing out in the field. So yes, please continue to send them
  2. Yes, my email is able to be distributed and I can be mailed, I just can't mail them back.
  3. I don't believe that I told my companions about my blog yet... but I can tell them about it and see if they think their parents would care to know.
  4. The MTC choir is enormous and is a pleasure to sing in.
  5. You should be getting my letter here pretty soon, you'll get some of my experiences from that.
  6. It has snowed during the past 2 days, but it hasn't begun to stick yet. Here's hoping... gotta change brb

Hopefully we’ll get some more substance soon :-)

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