Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th P-day!


Sorry about getting to talk to you guys so late, I've been trying to get to bed more on time recently so I had 11 Dear Elders to read from you all during my normal writing time after the temple session. It's more difficult to figure out/ plan things out at the moment because we have service starting at 5:00 PM albeit it's only 20 minutes now... it's in the middle of my emailing and letter writing time...

I guess I can start using my old service time for "free time" for letter writing since I can only email on Wednesday's before 6PM Utah time. I didn't bring the notes that I took on the Dear Elder to answer all of your questions for me because today has been rather hectic.

For my package I would love some artwork or just something you guys might make (or longer letters, those are cool too), since my immediate necessities are easily taken care of with my $6 weekly "allowance" here at the MTC Bookstore.

One of the coolest, yet simple insights that I had while I was here was the realization that if you look at all of the stories in the Book of Mormon, you will NOT find a story that does not include an action of faith through prayer. I realized that as I was preparing a 5 minute talk in Spanish about Prayer and Fasting. It was pretty cool.

Also yesterday we had a "teaching appointment" with a native Argentine. We talked in Spanish for a little bit, and then taught him the 2nd lesson in English which will be my companionships last English lesson, with the twist of tying in the Word of Wisdom. I was humbled by my lack of understanding this Argentine's Spanish. It was quiet and all one word. I couldn't pick out one word from the other which was odd since it's never been a problem with any of the other "TA"'s that we have had thus far. I will be more prepared for the next one though.

I doubt that I'm going to be moved up (into an intermediate Spanish district) since they haven't talked to me about it, which bugs me since they said they would get right back to me quote, "ASAP.", but haven't talked to me for about 2 weeks. I'm happy in my district, and I'm pushing myself harder than I did when I started though so I couldn't care less now.

It has snowed twice since I've been here, but nothing has stuck. Oh Well. Gotta get ready for Dinner and class tonight, but I'll prepare and make sure I give a more complete report next week,

Love you all!

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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