Friday, December 18, 2009

Letter / Pictures From President & Sister Bunker

We received a letter yesterday from President and Sister Bunker.  It was sent on Dec. 7 (the day Richard arrived), so it took 10 days to get here from California.  Not a good track record for the USPS…

They let us know Richard arrived safely, and how happy they were to get such a large group of missionaries – 14.  There were 10 English speaking missionaries, and 4 Spanish speaking.  Sis. Bunker pointed us to their mission blog site where there were a wealth of pictures that I’m sharing here on Richard’s blog site.  The mission blog (if you’d like to see it) is:

Hopefully we’ll receive the memory card for Richard’s camera soon so I can post some of his pictures.

DSC_0251 Christmas Packages.  Sis Bunker asked all of the parents to send the Christmas packages to her.  This is a small percentage of the more than 180 packages she got.  Richard’s package is the one in the middle with masking tape along the lower right hand side.
DSC_0331 Here are the missionaries arriving from SLC (note that this is after their incident on the icy freeway in Salt Lake)
DSC_0335 The group of missionaries coming out of the airport.
DSC_0339 Posing before heading back to the mission home.
DSC_0374 At the mission home.

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