Wednesday, December 2, 2009

^^ Dec 2nd

T_T The MTC is changing things on me again. They have this new 5 minutes at a time rule that ruins my usual print out emails and reply later system. So I'll have to start writing my emails in two parts to make the most of the time that has been allotted to me to email.

I talked a lot about what happened on Thanksgiving Day in my letter. The cool thing was that we heard from Elder Holland in the morning and had a wonderful Devotional. It's great that I've had a chance to hear Elders Perry, Oaks, and Holland while I've been here. They are some of my favorite speakers (also including the First Presidency and Elder Scott)!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to hear from Sis. Lant who is the General Primary President! She talked about how are hearts need to be like the Army of Helaman, and be valiant and reverent in what we do. One thing that I learned was that part of reverence is that we _revere_ our Father in Heaven and respect Him, not just keep calm and composed. It gave me a new meaning for reverence. 

I've got some more awesome pictures of my District and I in front of the Giant World Map, and some with the Christmas lights outside. They are very beautiful.

I leave this Monday the 7th of December! I get to wake up at 4:00AM to be ready at the travel office at 5AM. I'll probably be calling home somewhere between 7:30-8:30AM approximately. Hopefully the family will be able to be home when I call (Remember I'm speaking from Utah time)!

So far I've only received letters from my family, Aunt Marsha, and Kayla. I hope that I'll get to hear from some more of y'all while I'm actually in Santa Rosa. :P

Packing will be a fun experience. Fortunately I haven't gathered much stuff from the time that I came here.  Well, I'll send part two in a couple of hours! Love ya!

Elder Richard Mackelprang

Part II – Questions / Answers From Dad’s EMail

What did you do on Thanksgiving Day? Who was at the devotional? How was your dinner? Hopefully you had some good pecan pie! I wish we could send you some.

Elder Holland spoke

Can you get a phone card at the MTC to use when you fly out? If not, use some cash (5-10 dollars) to buy one at the airport and use that to call us. You should have the details on your flight by now or very soon. Tell us what the are as soon as you can.

I got a telephone card

I bet you’re ready to get out and get to work. Tell us about the best/worst parts you’ve found at the MTC. How has being in the choir been? Have you had the chance to meet / shake hands with many GA’s?

My favorite parts are Gym, P-days, and Sundays these are just the things that help make the days seem short than an eternity everyday

Mom didn’t get the new memory card mailed off to you at the MTC, and I was worried about you getting it before you left, so she mailed it to the mission home address. I’m assuming you’ll have it when you arrive on Monday. Please let us know if it’s not there.


Do you have any idea when your PDay will be in CA? I’m assuming it will be Monday (since that’s the “standard”, but I was wondering if you’d heard from anybody who is currently there).

Probably Monday

Did Grandpa and Grandma buy you an overcoat/raincoat? If not, I’m betting you’ll need one. Let me know and I’ll put some money in your checking account to get one there.

No I didn't think to get an overcoat/ raincoat

How are your companions doing after 7+ weeks of MTC life? I got the feeling from some of your earlier letters that it was a little tough on them. Are they ready to get out and get to work?

They enjoyed the MTC, but they're very happy that they get to leave the MTC

Have you seen any other people in recent weeks? You mentioned Bishop Bishop’s Brother and Pres. Hyer – just wondering if there was anybody else.

I've seen Gerhardt, and a friend of mine from BYU Tyler White, but other than that no one else new

Do you have any trouble getting up on time? Or does the environment make that easy to do? How about your alarm clock – do you use it or does one of your roommates wake you up?

As I knew would happen, I've had no trouble getting up in the morning. There was 1 morning in the middle of my stay here where I was awake but didn't have the energy to get up for another 10-15 minutes (I get up at 6:20AM).

Well I've got to run, but I'll talk to you guys next week from CA! Love

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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