Saturday, December 19, 2009


Richard sent Leah a birthday card yesterday.  In it was the memory card from his camera.  It has about 150 pictures and a movie.  The movie doesn’t have sound (because Richard’s camera is “soundless”, but it looks like their zone singing something – I’ll ask Richard what it is about).  I don’t have names of most of the people in the pictures, but I’ll describe the ones I know about.  Someday, Richard will have to explain the rest…  The ones in the list are in reverse chronological order (I believe).  They start from the day Richard departed the MTC and goes back to when he was travelling to the MTC with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson.

IMG_5116 Here’s the truck the bus ran into on the way from the MTC to the airport.  Ouch.
IMG_5115 Hey – I’m OK.  It’s the truck that got messed up.
IMG_5096 Part of Richard’s district/zone in the MTC dorm.
IMG_5086 Temple Day
IMG_5068 What?  I can’t hear you…
IMG_5059 We’re going right there…
IMG_5056 I count 11, but Sister Bunker said 14.  I don’t know where the other 3 are…
IMG_5042 Richard and the famous Seth Wilson from Tucson AZ.
IMG_5041 I’d like to share a book with you…
IMG_5027 An MTC “Happy Meal”?
IMG_5019 Temple Day (P Day)
IMG_5009 How can you not have this picture in your collection?  I believe it’s an MTC requirement to take at least one of these before entering.
IMG_4972 Robert at conference (pre-MTC).
IMG_4962 Richard with his cousin Heather’s little baby.  This is in Fredonia, AZ on the way to the MTC.
IMG_4957 At Glen Canyon Dam / Lake Powell on the way to the MTC.

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