Monday, September 6, 2010

September Cometh...

Well. it sounds like things are going well there at the ol' homestead. I'm glad that things are going by quickly, and that even though Leah and Jenna are facing the future of college selections, and not seeing their friends as often, that they will still find ways to enjoy themselves there at home.

I guess that there's still Facebook to keep track of everyone. Things have been flying by here too, even though we had some blazing hot days this week. I'm loving the chance I have right now to be with Elder Zufelt again. :) It's been fun telling each other our stories on what's happened, and what's changed since about a year ago when we first started the MTC. We've been working hard on finding and teaching, and helping the people who have baptismal dates move along in their progression. It's a lot of work, and we still have the typical problems of trying to find them at home, etc. It's still enjoyable though.This week has flown by so fast that I don't know exactly how to describe everything that's happened! :P Just know that things are going well and that the work is progressing, and that I'm still learning many great and wonderful things about the scriptures, the plan of happiness, and how it all fits together. 

Your ?'s

  1. <<More pictures???  We want more pictures.>> Yep coming right up. I'm attaching the video file of Elder Bittner (last comp) on the recliner chair, and some of the pictures of us with the tigers. I hope you enjoy them! (the car at the end of the video is the Zone Leaders pulling up for a meeting with us... talk about bad timing! :P )
  2. <<How has the CA weather been?  We’re still pretty toasty here in NC.>>  The weather here has been a little on the hotter side with Tues / Wed being at 110 degrees. Yeah, really hot. Fortunately it's not nearly as humid as NC. However, now we have nice breezes and are enjoying mid 80 degree weather with a few clouds. typical Nor California summer weather.
  3. <<What’s your current drive : bike : walk ratio?>>  Normally we drive on average of 30 miles a day. We cover the entire zone, and it covers a good chunk of this side of the mission. We actually are on the edge of the mission boundaries, but it's a good place. Running I'm starting some new things with my exercise routine. Rather than jogging 4 miles everyday, I'm trying some sprinting, and maintaining at least a jogging speed. It's pretty awesome, and it takes a lot less time. Elder Z watches me. :P He hates running.
  4. <<Are you getting tired of all the Chuck Norris jokes that Josh is sending you in his emails?  We’ve been telling them here at home, and some of them are pretty funny.>>  I think that it's funny that Joshua's sending me Chuck Norris jokes. It's a nice laugh on a P-Day morning. So yeah. Let keep doing it if he wants. It'll probably help him keep writing me more often.
  5. <<Have you had a chance to sing in church recently?>>  I as of yet have not had any opportunities to share my musical talents with the ward here. It's a little different since I'm in a Spanish branch again. I'll see if they'd be interested if Elder Zufelt and I sang a duet, or if they'd rather I sing a solo or something.
  6. <<How are shoes / clothes lasting for you?  Anything you need replaced soon?>>  I mentioned that I might need shoes in a few months. Maybe that can be a Christmas present that I buy myself or something. My shoes should hold out for a ways longer, but as I keep up this exercise regiment I think they'll start wearing out a little faster. You can check with Mom, but usually shoes in my size end up being around $50. :-(   That's the only complaint that I have about having big feet. Mighty expensive shoes.

Pictures From This Week (and a video as well):

Elder Bittner and the Robot
IMG_0252 With an albino tiger…
IMG_0664 The whole apartment
IMG_0672 At home

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