Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Thanksgiving

Hello again!

Thanksgiving has come and gone! My last one on the mission! :S Weird! It was a great day! But a terrible week for lessons! :(

We only got a grand total of 4 lessons this week! our usual is about 13. We had at least 9 people cancel on us... so we were happy to have a mid-week P-day! It was a day where I could write letters, and I did write some, and I got some sent off in the mail last Friday, so they should be coming soon. You guys will be getting the baptism picture soon. I'm not in it because I wasn't able to go... but oh well.

Some more of my investigators got baptized last Saturday! Not all 3 of them, but one of them did, and another one will this coming Saturday, and hopefully the last of them will get baptized soon. As for other activities, I got to play tackle football (yes, full tackle). That was fun, no one got hurt, but there were some pretty crazy hits. My knee started acting up while we were playing soccer a little while after, but it's improving quite a bit. We had quite a few missionaries in our apartment for Lunch, and then we had 2 Thanksgiving dinners, Mexicano-style! I love how they flavor their turkey, and meat! It's better than most turkeys I've ever had. So yeah, it was a LOT of food... :P I better start working out harder now. ;)

That's Thanksgiving in-a-nutshell. However, last Saturday, I got to attend my first Mexican Wedding... Oh man! :D Talk about wild, and awesome! It wasn't too bad since we were in the church building for the wedding, but I was really impressed at how good it was, and how cheap it was too. ~$1,500 for everything. We helped put up some decorations, and that's where our dinner was since the entire branch was there for the wedding. It was great, and a great motivator to me to get more into shape so that I can do some dancing when I get home! I think I have a waltz already waiting for me. ;-) So yeah... that's about it. Studying has been good. Nothing spectacularly mind-blowing, but it's funny how the simplest things are really the most sophisticated sometimes. We just recently got the Ensign, and I've been reading through it this week, and I'm reminded on how amazing some of those Conference talks were. I recommend you read them again.

Well I'm glad everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone continues to do well.

Love your Missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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