Sunday, December 19, 2010




Funny how they happened to come at the same time, huh? Who'd a thought. I'm sure it's a double whammy for receiving cards and stuff. :P

Christmas time is here! I still don't know if I'll be here for Christmas. Since transfers happen on Dec 21st (I know it sucks). It may be that President will surprise me again and transfer me after one transfer here in Rohnert Park. Because of that I don't know when phone calls are going to be. I'll let you know next week as we figure out what's going on with transfers. I really hope that I get to stay. It's a lovely place here.

I hope you feel better Jenna! 

Ben Everett starting his mission papers -- I knew that this day would come, but I forgot that it would be this soon. I was just thinking a few days ago about when he'd do that. Keep me posted. I really want to write him, so hopefully I wont be spending all of my real P-day (temple trip p-day) this Friday on cleaning our apartment. You have no idea how hard I would laugh if Ben got called here, and to Spanish, and if I trained him... that really would be funny. We'd get to know each other a whole lot better.

You guys would be jealous of the weather here. It's a continuous  55-60 degree weather __All__Day__Long__.  I hope I don't get too soft from being out here.

Sounds like you need another pair of hands to finish your house projects again! :P I'll see what I can do about that. I'll think about it for another 10 months. ;-)    

The ward parties here have been fun, and many of them wouldn't have happened without our help. :P It's funny what we missionaries do in the background of things. 

Dad, I don't think I've ever been to Magianno's so maybe we'll go there someday.

Well, it's a short P-day today, but I'm really excited for the _ALL_ mission conference this Wednesday (yep Leah's birthday) :) that will be fun. The 1st all mission conference ever in my time here, and probably my last. I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas.


Your missionary,

Elder Mackelprang

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