Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Well... There's not really anything to note about what's happened this week. It's starting to rain more and more frequently, and it's finally starting to turn chilly. It'll be nice once this weather finally starts moving on, and then I can probably send home my rain jacket about Mid-March. An umbrella should be able to take care of me from that point on. We have a baptism of a 12 year old kid this Sunday! We taught him all of the lessons in about 30 minutes. I wonder if that's a record? :) We also have another awesome investigator that we hope will be ready to be baptized in December. She just needs to sit down and talk with her family, which she's planning to do on Dec 4th (it's a big challenge for her) her name's Alex.

Yeah... this week should be more fun with Thanksgiving, and some other surprises. I'll let you know more in my letter this week, and next Monday.

So to answer your ?'s:

  1. Yep as you should be able to tell with the address I sent you guys last week I'm in an apartment. No new pictures yet, but I'll get some, it's nothing really excited though. Rohnert Park is an awesome area, it's a little lacking of Spanish people. They're very hard to find, and most of them speak perfect English anyways, so it's a work in progress.
  2. The chapel is about ~3 miles away from the apartment.
  3. I did get a copy of the picture from the baptism in my last area that I'm sending home to you guys of the baptism last week, I'll be sending it home to you guys here shortly.
  4. Thanksgiving is a P-day for us, so today is technically cut a little short. We'll be playing Soccer, and Football for the Turkey bowl, and we have several meals planned with members. So it should be a nice relaxing day. I would've enjoyed going to Aunt Marsha's house, but the plans for Thanksgiving were already laid down when I got here.
  5. There's not really much to say about Elder Coburn, he's a funny goofy guy. He loves the work and the area, and we're working hard. The area can be a tough nut to crack sometimes, but it's a good area. The members here have a very crazy sense of humor. They are probably more light-hearted than most of the other areas that I've been to.
  6. The pants and the shoes that you sent from the Missionary Mall work and fit perfectly. Thanks. If they need any hemming or changing, I know some members who will be willing to help out. She's rather good at sewing.

I love you all, and I hope everything's going well,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Mackelprang

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