Tuesday, December 21, 2010

‘Twas The Week Before Christmas...


:) Christmas is PDAY this week, so it's another wacky week for again. With transfers tomorrow too! I'm staying here. *sigh of relief* I'm getting a younger missionary named Elder Bricky. I hear he's solid and a hard worker, so we should have a good time and get some more stuff done.

Yesterday we finally managed to bring to pass the baptism of Antonio Murga, and his Sister Soladie. They have just been really hard to work with, since we've had trouble keeping contact with them, and getting everything arranged on-time. I'm glad we were finally able to make it happen. Other than that though, things have continued to be slow. It seems like the yearly winter Latino migration has begun, until the rain and chill runs off, and the vineyards open up work again. However, there are Latino families that are still here somewhere. So your prayers to help me find them would be greatly appreciated.

***Super Important*** I'll be making my phone call from a members phone on Christmas Eve at 5pm in Cali. So if I'm still up-to-date with the time change that would be about 7-8PM your time. That should give us an ~1.5hrs to talk. I'll probably be at that members house late since they're feeding us dinner, and all Latinos celebrate Christmas at midnight the 24th. We'll be back before then, but we'll enjoy ourselves with our members. 

I did get both packages, and a present from grandma and grandpa, and post cards from Pres. Maxwell, the Everetts, (yours), and Uncle Kenny's. So it's been nice having more mail than usual.

I really do miss the Neighborhood activity night of caroling it was always awesome to be able to go out and sing, and harmonize... it's really a lacking gift in the world...

Leah! Congratulations! Graduation! you definitely must be excited to be going to BYU-I! You'll be that much closer to Matthew in Colorado! ;-) Your mail will get to him faster that's for sure. 

The Weather here has finally gone to the wet and chilly side. It'll probably be that way for the next couple of months... :P At least in NC the sun came out a little more often between days of rain/sleet/ and snow.

That's about everything that's been going on, so I'll bring you up-to-date with what happens next week, next time.

I know that this church is true, and that my Savior lives! The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and will bless our lives if we read from it.


Your missionary,

Elder Mackelprang

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