Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello all! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow. This week has been insane. Going back and forth to Petaluma and Rohnert Park has been very tiring, but it's worth it. We have more investigators than we know what to do with, and we're rapidly running out of miles... hopefully they'll have the mile-limit redistributed soon, or we may be in trouble. It's funny how different areas that you cover changes the feel of the work in an area. How you feel about the work there, and seems it changes the psyche or perception as well. It's interesting. I love the people here and there, and I love how much easier it is to find and talk to people about the gospel there because all of the Latinos flock together. They're spread out here in Rohnert Park. So I'm still working with figuring out how to best work both areas because it's difficult to find the right balance of attention and resources for these areas. It'll come with time, planning, and listening to the Spirit. It seems that this week went by fast and slow at the same time. I guess it's just the feeling of  change from the general routine of our area. I dunno.

I've had a lot of cooking adventures! My ability to cook with random ingredients around the apartment has been greatly improved. I now know 101 different ways to cook pasta, with random ingredients, and still have it be really tasty. I also created my own  "Authentic" Mexican breakfast involving hotdogs, Spanish rice, and eggs. I realize that spices can really change how a meal works. I like it! I remember when I was younger and I tried to cook things from random ingredients in the cupboards for my siblings once... I'm sure if they remember that night they'll grimace, and or shudder. I like knowing that I can cook good food from cheap ingredients.

Other than that not much has happened. I had a interesting thought. I was reading in Jesus the Christ earlier this week, in chapter 6 when it was talking about the background of what was up with the Jews up to the time Christ was born. Reading that section made me realize just how much of hypocrites people are today. I can't find the right words to say what I mean here, but it's just like the Jews expected all of their preachers to tie what they taught to some great teacher or the law, just like people today expect you to tie everything back to the bible, or some notable doctorate holding person. You'd understand it better if you read the 6th chapter of Jesus the Christ yourself. Read it and think about the Jews, and their attitude to the attitude of people in the world today.

Well i love you all, I hope that you enjoy the special plans I'm sure you have. I'll do my best to find someone at home to talk to tonight. :P We'll brighten up the night of someone who doesn't have a date. May you all be well, and may God watch over you this week. I know that this church is true! I know that Jesus Christ stands as the living head of it. I know that Christ speaks and leads us through a prophet today! I know that we can avoid pain and sorrow if we heed his councils. We are here to have joy. I know that we can find the most joy by being obedient to God's commandments. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Your missionary,

Elder Richard Mackelprang

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