Sunday, March 6, 2011

Magic 21

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DSC_0194 Elder Mackelprang and his companion.
DSC_0221 All birthdays in the Napa, San Rafael & Vallejo Zones.  Elder Mackelprang is in the middle.

Questions from Dad's Letter:

Q: I have some plans to make a “baby Watson” system.  Would you be interested in doing that together later this year?

A: intelligent computers. That sounds really cool! What kind of ?'s would you ask it? I'd like to work on that too.

Q: What are you and your companion doing for your birthday? Teaching lots of discussions? : -) I hope so.

A: We are going to be partially busy on my birthday, but we have a Zone conference that day so I'll get recognition for my birthday, and little song, and a cookie, and then I'll get to move on with working. I do know that a member is planning to make a birthday cake for me :) it should be a good day. We have an even busier day on Wednesday, so hopefully that all works out. I'm excited and looking forward to this week.

Q: How is the work going? Specifically Absolom? (Great name with a sad history by the way : -). I hope things are going well there.

A: The work is doing good. It's still funny to work in Petaluma, but it's nice. There are more people there, but they are weaker when it comes to making and keeping commitments. We weren't able to see Absalom this week. But We'll see him soon. You can't really set up appointments with him. Go figure. But everything is going great.

Q: You’re sounding a bit trunky in your most recent letters – is that a problem, or are you just thinking ahead to coming home? My advice is to lose yourself in the work and let time take care of itself. Thinking too much about home and what you’re going to do “afterwards” will only reduce your effectiveness in the hands of the Lord.

A: I'm not trunky, but I am thinking about how things are going to work out when I come back. I have had struggles, and am trying my best to lose myself in the work. During the week especially I am definitely lost in the work, but P-days just remind me of how little time I have left. It doesn't help when President Bunker asks me how long I've been out with each interview.

Q: Do you have any conferences or temple trips lined up anytime soon?

A: We actually just had the opportunity to go to the temple last Friday, that was enjoyable, and a good learning experience. Like I said earlier we have a zone conference tomorrow. That's all that I can think of right now.

Q: How often do you use your bike? Is it still holding up for you?

A: I don't have to use my bike that much, but it's definitely durable. So it's just fine. It just wears out my clothes, :P especially my shoes. I did learn that I can make my bike pedals shoe friendly by unscrewing the studs on the pedals. That's what I get for knowing nothing about bikes.

I've received everything from you guys but the birthday card. :) If people are going to mail me birthday cards they better do it soon. Transfers are coming up in about 2 weeks, and I'm sure that I'm getting transferred.

My shoes are doing ok. The in-sole died, but the sole of the rest of the shoe is fine. I appreciated Jenna's gift of insoles for Christmas, but those were for women's shoes, and were a little too small to work. I'm using them, and they are comfortable without the insole, so I'll do my best to make it last until I get home. I'll let you know how they are holing up.

Mom's Email

Birthday idea for Jenna’s 16th Birthday - Mom, do you remember when you took me, Eric Wells and John Anderson to that place that was like a theme park, but small? (like Golf 'n' Stuff in Tucson) Maybe you could invite a 2 or 3 of her closer friends, and take her there to go karting, (laser tag?), or some other fun activities. I think that would be a different type of birthday than just a house party like she gets almost every year. It would certainly be memorable. I still remember the karting part. That was fun.

I did tell the family that I'd love to see them all again when I came home. So I'm excited that some of them plan to come out this fall! :) Things are going to be fun when I get home! This may be the best year ever! I'd love to spend Christmas with everyone! I dunno if we can figure out a way that I can visit everyone else as  I'm going to BYU or not, but we'll see.

You might be surprised, but I'm not so excited about coming home to lots of house projects... :P but I'll help out anyway that I can.

I did get my hearts package. I thought it was really sweet, and make sure to tell the Ward Youth from mutual that I said thank you! I did get my pants, and they fit great! I'm looking for someone in the wards here to see if they can sew up the legs an inch (into a cuff) so that it isn't so long.

Turning 21- I really don't feel different. I still feel like I'm 19 turning 20. It's like a year of my life didn't happen. :P It's weird.

I promise to send you a copy of what I send to President next week, because I haven't written him still. But I love you all and I hope that all is well!

Your son,

Elder Richard Mackelprang 

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