Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pi Day, P-Day, Transfers!?

Dad asked me several questions:

  1. Did you get transferred?  You sounded like you were pretty certain it would happen.  Where are you headed out to?
    1. Yes I did. I'm off to Dixon. That's just a hair from Sacramento. I'll be in a "zebra" with an english missionary who's dying this next transfer. I'm also on bike! :P So my running in the morning ( which I have been doing regularly now), and the biking should slim me up again... although I do worry about how long my shoes will last. I'll see how this week turns out, and let you know more next week.
  2. Conference is coming up!  Where are you going to watch it?  Are you allowed to go to members homes, or do you have to go to the church?
    1. I have no clue where I'll watch conference. It really depends on the area. I have a feeling that I'll be able to watch it at a members home, but the church is always the fallback. I'll probably have a better idea as to that question's answer next week.

My new address is:

1225 Linford Ln. Apt #D3

Dixon, CA 95620

I’m really bummed the memory card I sent back to you is messed up... I wonder what could have happened to it?... :( I lost some good pictures on there. Hopefully the recovery software works...

I'm not surprised that Ben's going to Japan. :) I'm sure he's really stoked. :P I wish I had the chance to get a letter from him before he left, but now he's going to be busier than ever... *sigh* :) Hopefully Andrew is recovering from having ended his missionary labors. Since I'm going to be in a really small town I'll probably have a lot more time on my hands to write people. :P I really struggle to write. Anyone. So don't feel bad. So I have a big list of people to write, and hopefully I can make it happen.

Enjoy your birthday presents Jenna!

We should definitely have some good places to go out and eat when I get back. I'll forward to that. You guys will have a better idea of the great places to go see. So you guys can make a list of the top 5 to 10 restaurants that you want to visit with me.

Painting / Housework / Home Improvement Projects. They never end. :)

Sorry I didn’t’ write to you last week Dad. With the pictures I sent home last week, and sending emails to Jenna, and Josh, and especially Mom's took a lot more time than I thought. :P So I will focus on getting this letter out first. Have a great week.


Elder Richard Mackelprang

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